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From the ground up, Spence Plumbing are your go to guys for all commercial and industrial plumbing and advice. Equipped with a fleet of service trucks, qualified plumbers, drainers & gas fitters, Andrew and his team have the skills and knowledge to efficiently handle any scale of project.

Generally working along side builders, architects, homeowner associations and other tradesmen their aim is to achieve the highest level of workmanship that accommodates all relevant parties involved.

Honest advice is one of their strong points and they are all too happy to share this with you. Having worked in the commercial plumbing industry for over 22years, Andrew is able to advise on the best materials and or alternatives to fixtures that don’t compromise on quality.

With the complexity of some projects such as service stations Andrew's professional advice is second to none. Quite easily he can take a look at architectural plans and straight away recognise anything that could cause potential problems during the construction phase.

Standing by all their work, Spence Plumbing ensure all workmanship and materials used comply to relevant specifications, client requirements and satisfy all required Australian Standards.

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Case Studies

  • Service Stations

    Posted: 18th February, 2014

    Spence Plumbing have extensive experience in commercial retail plumbing including refurbishment and new plumbing installations for service stations and convenience stores around south east Queensland. The specific plumbing requirements of this sector include environmental and contamination prevention and storm water management. As one of the few commercial plumbers who specialise in this field, we work […]

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    Service - IMG_4531
  • Residential, Commercial Buildings

    Posted: 18th February, 2014

    The Spence Plumbing team have experience working with installing plumbing systems for both office buildings and residential complexes. With our experience working alongside builders and other tradespeople we have the necessary project management skills to coordinate a complete plumbing solution – right from the intial design to the final installation – and everything in between. […]

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    Life Cycle Housing - Residential Complex
  • Fast Food Outlets

    Posted: 18th February, 2014

      Spence Plumbing has proven experience installing, maintaining and designing the specialised plumbing requirements for fast food outlets and takeaway shops. With all the grease, cooking oils and food deposits produced daily by fast food outlets, there are many pre-treatment requirements that need to be met when installing plumbing and drainage systems in a commercial […]

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    FastFood - IMG_4412